Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario

AMPCO represents Ontario’s largest industrial companies in forestry, pulp and paper, chemical, mining and minerals, steel, petroleum products, cement, automotive and manufacturing. It provides members with advocacy on key public policy issues as well as information, analysis and other tools to help them manage their electricity costs.

Our History

In the early 1960s on the Niagara Peninsula, seven companies in the chemical, pulp and paper, and abrasives industries formed a coalition to deal with rapidly escalating electricity rates. They called themselves the Niagara Basic Power Users’ Association.

During the early 1970s, against a backdrop of global inflation, a recession and an energy crisis, Ontario Hydro proposed record rate increases of over 30 per cent, doubling rates by the end of the decade. This drove the Niagara Basic Power Users’ Association to expand and in 1974 they became the Association of Direct Customers of Ontario.

AMPCO’s membership increased substantially in the 1980s. By 1987, AMPCO had 54 members. This membership employed over 350,000 Ontarians directly and indirectly.

Since its establishment, AMPCO’s goal has been industrial electricity rates that are competitive and fair, and a reliable supply of electrical energy across Ontario.

Meet the President

Colin Anderson Headshot

Colin Anderson has dedicated his entire career to the energy sector. As a Professional Engineer with an MBA and over 25 years’ experience, Colin has considerable knowledge of the power generation, utility and electricity industry. He has demonstrated understanding in all areas of the sector and has achieved success in resolving executive-level strategic and tactical issues.

Colin has previously worked as a power plant engineer at a major generating company, a design engineer at a power generation sector OEM, as a management consultant at a major consulting firm, and as a regulatory professional within the energy sector.

Currently, Colin is the President of the Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario (AMPCO). AMPCO’s members represent Ontario’s major industries: forestry, chemical, mining and minerals, steel, petroleum products, cement, automotive, industrial air, manufacturing and business consumers in general. AMPCO members are investors, employers and form a major part of the communities in which they operate across Ontario. AMPCO provides critical analyses of electricity policy and regulation, market research and analysis, and expert representation on the policy and regulatory matters that affect members’ bottom lines.

Become a Member

Reliable electricity at affordable prices is essential to your success as well as Ontario’s overall economic success. Joining AMPCO gives you a voice in this critical aspect of your business. We are the forum of choice for major power consumers who recognize that their business success – and Ontario’s manufacturing economy – depends on electricity policy and regulation that protects the interests of consumers.

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